What Is An American Poet?

Even though I write narrative poetry from time to time, I am not a "poet" in the sense of that's all I write or how I see the world-at-large.  That is simply too restrictive for my taste.  I am a cultural poet!  A cultural poet is primarily concerned with current events, and reports upon those events using various types of media, such as personal essays, flash fiction, video, exclamatory quotes and phrases, one act plays, and of course, narrative poems.  The content tends towards the political, the sociological, the economic, and analysis of character, in order to become self-realized and aware, and to bring the reader (or voyeur) to the same place.  A cultural poet speaks from the heart and soul, just as the traditional poet does.

My Brain

This is the public blog of the raw, unfiltered and unedited brainstorms from Portland, Oregon's most controversial "Indie" author, Benjamin Douglass. What you will find here is the author's rants & raves on current events, self-reflective wisdom, and musings on the writing life.  Just click on the "My Brain" tab in the top bar and you will be there instantly - like magic. 


Because communication involves the simultaneous exercise of logic, grammar, and rhetoric, these three arts are the fundamental arts of education, of teaching, and of being taught.....The same principles of logic, grammar, and rhetoric guide author, reader, speaker, and listener.  The mission of this online literary blog is to publish high quality literary criticisms, book reviews, personal essays, narrative poems, and flash fiction.  Just click on the "Trivium" tab in the top bar and you will go directly to this blog.

PDX Reports

Reporting, analysis and editorial on breaking news and events in Portland, Oregon, from an independent perspective.  PDX Reports is published on an irregular basis as time allows.  We adhere to the highest level of traditional journalistic integrity, trust and ethics.  We report the truth as far as it can be confirmed by fact-based evidence. Go to the top bar and click "PDXreports" to view news blog.



I find exuberance to be intrinsically worthwhile for its own sake.  This is usually identified with happiness.  The Greeks called it eudaimonia, or well-being:  this meant the actualization of a person's nature, with pleasure as a by-product, not for the solitary moment, but in a complete life.  This entails some moderation of a person's desires.  But I add that in joyful exuberance there is high excitement, the intensity of living, throbbing with passion, engaging in daring activities of enterprise and adventure.