Release of My New Novella!

Last week Amazon released my newest project - a novella.  The title is This Ain't the Waldorf Astoria, Honey!  Even though my intention was not to deliberately create a story with such diverse characters, it ended up that way.  The three main characters are as follows:

RUBY BROYLES:  A wealthy Republican businesswoman who lost everything but yet, got a second chance at life and redeemed herself.

PETE ROACH:  A black, eighty-something motel owner out in the middle of the Mojave Desert.  A 30-year Navy man, recovering alcoholic, with strong traditional values.

SOUZA MAYNARD:  A full-blooded Chemehuevi Native, who is the unofficial mayor of Lucerne Valley.  He's also the "spiritual leader" of the local Peyote Church, and graduated from UCLA, cum laude, with a master's degree in cultural anthropology.

There are several more minor characters who have colorful backgrounds.  This diverse crowd from my novella will be remembered far into the future, even after you forget the name of the book.  Go to Amazon Books to buy.  Initial release only in paperback.


Announcing the release of my newest book, Raw Beginnings: An Omnibus!  This is a portfolio collection of the author's best short stories, personal essays and narrative poems.  The content deals with the darker side of human nature but there is always light at the end of the tunnel.  The reader may have to look for it, however.  This collection was created as a personal fundraiser for my out-of-pocket medical expenses during my cancer treatments.  By purchasing my book, I get $5 profit.  I hope to raise $5,000.00

Go to my Amazon Authors Page now for purchasing details.

Confession of a Former Zombie

This is a short memoir, only 56 pages long but packed full of mind-boggling stuff.  Read the amazing adventures of being born and raised a zombie, and the long road to becoming fully human.  An existential dance that will leave the reader laughing, pondering and shaking their head in utter disbelief.  You can choose the paperback or the Kindle edition - whatever strikes your fancy.  Both editions can be purchased at my Amazon author's page, as well as other Kindle stories and collections I have written.

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