Photo Album

My cat Kenny. Will be 8 years old this Fall 2016.

My cat Charlie. He will be 8 years old this Fall 2016. He's daddy's biggest and best boyfriend.

the last resting place of Evans, who lived to be 20 years old.

The author visiting Lake Mary in 2005.

My father-in-laws 99th birthday party in December 2015. The famous Arthur Hanlon, man for all seasons. Survived WW2 and won swimming medals in the Senior Olympics in Australia, in the late 70's.

My beautiful and lovely consort, Ave Hanlon (in the right back, light blue shirt), having lunch with her two girl friends, Suzy and Sherri.

Took this photo while visiting Chavez memorial in Keene, California in 2007.

The grounds of the now abandoned Ace Motel in Lucerne Valley, California, which was used as a template for my novel, "Honey, This Ain't The Waldorf-Astoria!"

The home of Kern Valley regional writer, Samuel D. G. Heath, PHD. Near lake Isabella, California. I visited him several times before he passed away from COPD in May of 2010. He was a brilliant essayist but also a real bigot when it came to Mexicans, Gays and Muslims. Oh well.

Downtown Willow Springs, California. A semi-ghost town with a mining office. That's my car in the background. Taken in 2007. The town is a template for a future story about a mythical town called Mercury Flats.

On the edge of Brite Lake near Tehachapi, California. My family lives there and it has always been a favorite vacation spot.

This was taken one summer evening above my house in Portland, Oregon in 2003. The quote is my own!

The author as a young man with the Outside-In Street Youth team in 1984.

The author when he was 5 years old in Napa, California.

Mamma Jo in 2014.

Ellie (in Santa Paws arms), Clifford on left and Murphy-girl on right. Taken 13 years ago. They have all passed away.

The author and his mother at the Tehachapi Hospital Assisted Living Wing in September 2015.

My mother and brother-in-law Craig, and sister Shirley in 2012.

The author at Café 247 in Lucerne Valley, California in 2015.

Lucerne Valley market.

Freddy Mercury and QUEEN are gods!!

On a clear windy March day in Portland, Oregon. (I need a haircut).

My book case.

Jim & Patty's Coffee People on N.E. Fremont, Portland, Oregon. Best damn place in the world.

Unsmiling selfie taken in April 2016.

An almond milk latte with cinnamon powder at Jim & Patty's Coffee People.

My front yard on 37th Avenue in Portland, Oregon. Isn't it beautiful? May 2016.

Oscar worshipping at daddy's feet. Just turned 5.

Mama Jo in basket. She is Oscar and Dizzy's biological mom.

My mother - 2015.

The author in Mojave Desert - 2016.

The Peace Bell at Korean Buddhist Temple in Sand Canyon, California (neat Tehachapi).

A strange mound out in the middle of nowhere, near Our Lady of the Rock Grotto. Mojave Desert.

The author at train overlook in Tehachapi Park - 2016.

The author at train museum in Tehachapi, California - 2016.

Another view of the Peace Bell at Korean Buddhist Temple in Sand Canyon.

A corner in my sister's neighborhood of Golden Hills in Tehachapi, CA.

Flag retirement ceremony by the Boy Scouts at Tehachapi High school field - June 2016.

A black & white selfie taken August 1, 2016.

My cat Dizzy being my muse for awhile - 2016.

These are all photo's I personally took with my phone or Cannon camera.  Copyright conditions are in effect.  Please do not steal the artist's work.